22. Septembra 2012 sme v rámci celosvetového konceptu koncernu Continental pre ich slovenské dcéry CMR a CMTT organizovali rodinný bežecký deň a založili sme tak tradíciu spoločnej akcie zamstnancov a ich rodín. V tento deň sa v areáli základnej školy J. A. Komenského odohral veľmi príjemný rodinný happening, ktorého vrcholom bola bežecká súťaž v rôznych kategóriách.

Cieľom podujatia bolo posilniť loyalitu zamestnancov, stimulovať prirodzenú súťaživosť a vzbudiť “športového ducha” …

Na podujatí sa zúčastnilo cca. 480 zamestnancov s rodinami.

Účastníci hodnotili podujatie veľmi pozitívne, o čom svedčia aj nasledovné citáty:

L. R., Executive & Plant Manager CVT

“Conti Running Week  –  a combination of employees´ sport activities with charity – is a super idea.  For the employees of Continental worldwide it means not only  strengthening their health but also getting to know one another and building a team spirit. And  so it was also in Púchov on 22 September 2012. My great compliment and thanks go to the organizers of this event in Púchov. They prepared a very interesting track running through the town and a number of attractions for employees, their family members and friends. I would also like to thank all the employees who supported this idea and took part in this remarkable event. For us, this  Running Week in Púchov is the official start of preparation of our teams for the qualification matches of the Football ContiTeamCup 2014.”


D. Z., Purchasing Division Director

„For me, ContiRunningWeek was more than just running around Púchov. In addition to having a possibility to share the team spirit with friends and colleagues, each participant contributed to fundraising which Continental devoted to charity purposes. And this was the main aim of the Continental event  – to support health, team spirit and mobility of employees.

Thanks to the organizers, the background in the school yard of the Elementary School in Komenský Street in Púchov was perfectly prepared. Everything was done for excellent entertainment, competing and refreshment. Mascots, a clown and tomcat Contik were essential part of the fun – they warmed up and made all the participants laugh. As my objective was to cover the track from the start up to the finish, side by side with my colleagues, I acted with forethought and enrolled in the Hobby II Category.  However, when at the registration, the starting numbers were distributed, it became clear to me that it would be far from just walking along the Púchov foot-paths. The weather was rather on the side of elite runners and competitors, while our Hobby category would definitely prefer having more sunshine. In spite of this, everybody enjoyed it and we were all in a good mood.

The event certainly fulfilled its objective. All the participants enjoyed themselves and those who were up to it did some running, some of them even victorious.

I believe that such events will be organized also in the future to strengthen the team and sport spirits of our employees.”


R. G., Finance and Controlling  dpt.

“ContiRunningWeek is a very interesting and beneficial idea as it helps build awareness of and sense of belonging to the brand of Continental. People from various departments and units that otherwise do not normally meet at work had a chance to talk together. Moreover, also the families with children enjoyed the day as there was a rich programme prepared for them. I find the first year of this event successfully and excellently organized. Hats off to the organizers.”


J. O., Technological Centre

“I highly appreciate the idea and initiation of the run event for the employees. Much more so as it is also a charity activity by Continental. Of course, the credits also go to the organizers of this event in Púchov. They managed to prepare a social and sport program enjoyed by the Continental employees. It was also a way to share common values of Continental by the employees from various countries and departments. “


P. O., Marketing

“A cool idea. Though even more people could come and do sports. I particularly appreciate the excellent organization and the track around the town.”


D. V., PLT Production

“A great idea. I hope it is a start of a nice tradition for the future. I believe that next time even more people will come and do sports. The track was very nice, and the organization was excellent.”


D. M., CVT Production

“I appreciate very much that such an event took place. The first year of this event was really very well prepared and organized. Now I can only hope that a tradition has jus been born, and that next time even more people will participate.”


P. D., CVT Production

“As for running, the weather was excellent, the track perfectly prepared, attractive, definitely not monotonous. Great organization.”


M. Ch., Human Resources Dpt.

“We want to thank the organizers – the Marketing and Sales Division – for the excellent idea to hold the Conti Running Week also in Púchov. Relaxed and joyful atmosphere prevailed throughout  the day, and the weather was just excellent for sporting. I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet a number of my colleagues, and also to get to know their partners and children. We enjoyed together a beautiful day, and moreover, we did something for us and our health.

I believe that everybody present had a good time – for children, there were a lot of games and other activities prepared; for those more or less sporty, there was a pleasant track which could really be covered   by everybody, at least walking when not running. And those who are not fond of sports that much could enjoy tasteful goulash.

It was rather motivating that the event was participated also by professional runners who are an inspiration to the rest of us.

I liked this event very much. Therefore, I hope that it will become tradition in Púchov, and will be attended by more and more employees and their friends and relatives.

Many thanks also for the perfect organization!”